Well it is a rather large chest (read: nice rack), but that’s not the concern. I know that when a person embarks on a weight loss journey, there are issues that one has to address.

If you bite your nails when you’re nervous, you end up with nasty nails and a possible infection if you’re not careful.

Get sad because your man left you? You want a few martinis? Go ahead, is it really gonna push you over the edge? Nah.

But if a fat person who just is yanno, being fat happens to eat a burger, the world is over and life as we know it halts while the big one noshes on their trough of food.

That’s what I feel like as an overweight person. Let me take you back to summer a few years back. We as a family went on an excursion, dare I say a road trip. (excuse the ever-present, yet slightly corny car reference again) Stay with me…

I wanted to go on a ride at an amusement park with a Lilliput member of my family. It was the little thing made for wee 0nes. Not to exclude this little person from delight, I took it upon myself to accompany this toddler on the ride. Wrong move. You remember these things?


Well, I knew that it would be a tight squeeze and I knew that even the little toddler would be counting the minutes until they would be able to breathe, but hey, it was only for a few twirls around the bend. All in the name of fun right? I mean, the operator would not have let me on if I exceeded the weight restriction right?

Well, that little trip cost me a lot of dignity. I was the butt (literally) of snickering and giggling as people pointed at me as we went around and around listening to the beep beep of the cars and the trucks and the planes. Beep beep, Get out of my way fat lady. You don’t deserve to be having fun. You are taking up too much space. You’re not supposed to be here. Get off that ride.

I smiled and let the sun dry up my tears as I stared right in the face of my gawkers. They would not avert their eyes and the tears fell. Soak up my tears, please, Mr. Sun. Don’t let them see that I even notice that they are making fun of me. Must have a good time for the kiddo right?

As time goes on in this blog. I want to release some of the thoughts that are in my head about my body image. I want to hold my head up and remember that I am unique, special and have something to offer the world. I am more than just a number on the scale. Going back to this day makes me forget sometimes. I am leaving it here.