Listen here PB folks,

I like a good PBJ as much as the next girl, and I know you all have been having some “issues” in the salmonella dept lately, but I will be a PB girl until I die. I am really trying to get down to my DL Weight. Can you help me?

As much as peanut butter is a “good fat” and does not have trans fat, the new little cute to go packs are great in their packaging and convenience, but horrible in its portion size. 390 calories and 32 grams of fat in ONE container?

Are there plans to make the portion smaller? Dipping healthy foods like celery and apples are all well and good, but dipping it into 32 grams of fat as a SNACK doesn’t sit well with me as a long time PB eater.

Warmly with a little bit of Jelly.

DL Weight