My FAVORITE fast food is taco bell..

I would normally get a big beef burrito supreme with no beans or sauce with a side taco supreme. I chose not to today.

I got a 9 point Chicken Strips Salad from Chick fil A

Here’s what happened:

It took an hour for me to eat. I savored every bit of it as it nourished my body.

I had a side medium fruit cup. I normally would have waffle fries.

I am trying not to drink soda, so I chose a Coke Zero. It was just as satisfying as a regular coke, if not more.

I did not experience the side effects of all the cheese and sour cream from Taco Bell. It would be Taco Hell for my lactose intolerance.

I was full and satisfied and stayed well within my points.

I had a very wonderful conversation with a woman today who helped me to face some very painful memories. I would have chosen to eat to stuff down the issues….I chose not to.

Thank God just for today.

In all fairness, I did come home and have pizza hut (it was planned) and counted my points.

I am on my way.