In about 8 weeks, I went from 255 to 199. WOW! I thought there would be chariots coming from the sky and trumpets. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I am elated, but I am still fat. Anyone else would be jumping for joy about this great milestone, but I really started looking at how far I have to go–at least that’s what my heart says.

My head says dammit, I have come a LONG way. I survived MAJOR surgery and all of my faculties are intact. I am alive and everything is kosher. It’s the battle of the mind that I have to conquer. I’d love to be able to get to 138, that drivers license number. Now that I am ONE-something, it seems so much more obtainable.  That would mean only 61 more lbs.  I lost 55 in 2 months. I will probably be at goal in a few more months.  Head, talk to my heart.  Tell her that we are gonna be ALLLLRIGHT!

I am not gonna mess this up. I am not gonna fail.  So many times I have had these numbers in my head with rewards all along the way, and never really got “there”.  I am almost there.